You can do it the

old way or eWeigh...

iLivestock uses the latest smartphone and tablet technology to make it easy to manage your flock/herd on the go.



We started thinking about progressive weighing options back in 2014, just one year after we launched our iLivestock app. Until now, farmers interested in weighing needed to make a challenging decision: Which indicator to purchase to meet the needs of their business now and in the future, whilst making sure it doesn't cost two arms and one leg!

Go basic and run the risk of needing to buy a more advanced device down the road, go advanced and spend the money but end up only using 10% of its' features as it is too complicated. This is why we have been working hard on our eWeigh product.

Thanks to the help and support of our users around the world, we have now managed to solve these issues with our new eWeigh device. It is fully integrated with your iLivestock application and EID Stick reader (if you have one). As the core functionality is App based, it can grow and develop with your business over time without the need to purchase a new device.

We are so excited about this progressive and fully integrated weighing hardware and we think you will be too!

Dedicated weighing screen

We've created a dedicated weighing screen within our Quick Scan section of the iLivestock application, offering fantastic functionality at the touch of a button.

The launch features, include:

  • EID and Visual Number displayed
  • The Stable Weight
  • Daily/Average/Actual Weight Gains
  • Graph showing Weight v.s. Date
  • Body Conditioning Score and Foot Score Sliders
  • Two Action Buttons (Add to Group\Medication Reminder)

N.B. If all you want to do is record the weight against a record, then you don't even need to touch your phone/tablet!

eWeigh Benefits


Will update your farm records within the iLivestock App there and then (via Bluetooth). No need to struggle with the old PC to download the data and fiddle with Excel files before uploading the information to your farm software package.


Update your eWeigh device from theiLivestock App, no cables required.


Desgined and manufactured in the UK.


You don't need to buy new hardware to get extra features as your eWeigh and iLivestock app allow simple progression via software updates.


We have included a rechargeable lithium ion battery so no need to worry about finding a mains supply. With a 24 hour run time, it will keep you going even if you forget to charge it after a weighing session.


We have designed the eWeigh to work with a range of weigh bars from different manufacturers, so no need to purchase new weigh bars.

How do we compare?

We are very proud of our eWeigh and iLivestock combination and think it represents excellent value for money when compared to our competitors. Remember these costs are just for the hardware! They do not include the farm software you need to utilise the data captured by the devices.

eWeigh Care

All our eWeigh devices come with a 1 year warranty, however, we like to keep things simple so will be offering an eWeigh care package which gives you total peace of mind.

This eWeigh Care service gives you 1 repair within a 12 month period - Including labour & parts for £120 per year. Available to purchase up to 30 days from the date of delivery with no questions asked. If you decide you want the eWeigh care package after 30 days from purchase but still within the warranty period, the eWeigh care can still be purchased. We require 4 photos of the eWeigh device to be provided, including one that shows a screenshot of the unit connected to the iLivestock App. *The decision to supply eWeigh care at this later time is at the discretion of Duradiamond Software and each request will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Email - [email protected]

Third Party Integration

If you are a software company that has an application and want to integrate with our eWeigh device, then please contact us by clicking on the "Contact Us" button below.