image of eweigh product

You can do it the old way, or the eWeigh

Fully integrated weighing software

Works effortlessly with the dedicated weighing screen within our Quick Scan section of the iLivestock application

The Issue

Until now, farmers interested in weighing needed to make a challenging decision: Which indicator to purchase to meet the needs of their business now and in the future, whilst making sure it doesn't cost two arms and one leg!

Go basic and run the risk of needing to buy a more advanced device down the road, go advanced and spend the money but end up only using 10% of its features as it is too complicated.

The Solution

eWeigh is fully integrated with your iLivestock application and EID Stick reader (if you have one).

As the core functionality is App based, it can grow and develop with your business over time without the need to purchase a new device.

Made in the UK

We are proud to say we build and test the eWeigh units at our base in Perthshire, Scotland. Tested to breaking point during our harsh Scottish winters, we know the eWeigh can stand up to harsh weather.

Flexibility with load bars

We have designed the eWeigh to work with a range of weigh bars from different manufacturers. If the connector fits then we can get it to work.

Fully integrated

Will update your farm records within the iLivestock app then and there via Bluetooth. No need to struggle with the old PC to download the data and fiddle with Excel files before uploading the information to your farm software package.

Power supply

We have included a rechargeable lithium ion battery so no need to worry about finding a mains supply. With a 24 hour run time, it will keep going even if you forget to charge it after a weighing session.

Grow with your business

You don't need to buy new hardware to get extra features as your eWeigh and iLivestock app allow simple progression via software updates

Stay updated

No need to plug your eWeigh in to try and find a new update. All of our updates are done over with air within iLivestock automatically when it is switched on.

image of mobile phone with integrated eWeigh screen

We've created a dedicated weighing screen within our Quick Scan section of the iLivestock application, offering fantastic functionality at the touch of a button.

The launch features include:

  • EID and Visual Number displayed
  • The Stable Weight
  • Daily/Average/Actual Weight Gains
  • Graph showing Weight vs. Date
  • Body Conditioning Score and Foot Score Slider
  • Two Action Buttons (Add to Group/Medication Reminder)

N.B If all you want to do is record the weight against a record, then you don't even need to touch your phone/tablet!

image of eweigh on mobile screen

Dedicated weighing screen

image of gears connected

Compatible with iLivestock app

image of rosette with 1 year label

1 year warranty

image of phone in pocket

Pocket features


  • We use this app to manage our pedigree flocks breeding records, track daily weight gains as well as comply with movement and medicine legislation. Easy to use with excellent support service!Louie Van Geffan
  • Just started using this app after looking at and trialling a few others. Excellent app, can keep simple records to meet registration or go in depth and monitor animals. Would use again.Ollie Mclean-Hall
  • Using this app for the last couple of weeks. Brilliant support service, easy to use and makes keeping up to date with compliance much easier.Zoe Unwin