Simple, affordable pricing

Fixed price
One fixed price
Cattle and sheep
Cattle and sheep
Unlimited animals
Unlimited animals
Lifetime warranty
Lifetime warranty


With iLivestock, you pay a fixed price per year or per month, depending on your preference. You get unlimited access to all the platform features and benefits. No need to worry about any extra charges or unexpected costs.

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No need to worry about a farm inspection

Performance management

Capture breeding and weighing


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Hardware integration

Integrate with more hardware than anyone else

Download your demo for free!

Download our app today and start a free demo. See for yourself how iLivestock can help you manage your sheep and / or cattle management with ease.

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Grow with your farm

You'll only need one eWeigh

Plug and play load bars

If the plugs fit, it will work

EID and visual recording

EID or visual tags

Cattle & sheep

Can weigh both sheep and cattle

Approved partners

Get deals on approved partner hardware when you are subscribed to the iLivestock Software or purchase out full RRP directly from us.

AWL200 Stick reader
SRS2 Stick reader
HR4 Stick reader
SDL440S Stick reader

Fresh Farmer Scheme

Are you an aspiring farmer with low flock and herd numbers? Would you love to move away from your notebook, and notes on your smartphone but just don’t have the stock numbers to justify Livestock Software? Apply to our Farmer Fresh Scheme to be in with a chance to get a substantial discount on our iLivestock Software. Find out how you can apply for this exclusive offer.


Emma Mingo

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I find the software very easy to use and it is a great tool for our farm for keeping records.

Trewithick Farm

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Been using iLivestock since it first came out. Awesome app always being updated and makes farm admin a breeze.

Thinus Scott

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Excellent livestock management app. Less labour required.


Can I have more than one user on the iLivestock Software?

Yes, you can add as many users as you wish by inviting them to join your account via our dashboard.

Can I cancel my iLivestock Software subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your paid plan subscription at any time without any extra costs. Unless you cancel your paid plan subscription, it auto-renews every month or year, depending on your paid plan type.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

We value our customers' satisfaction. If within the first 30 days, you are not satisfied with our service, a full refund will be issued.

What’s the difference between monthly and yearly billing for the iLivestock Software?

The difference between monthly and yearly billing is the payment term. With a monthly subscription, you will be billed every month, whereas with a yearly subscription, you will be charged once a year.

Do I pay extra for feature updates?

No. We are constantly working to improve our service and offer you new and better features that will help you manage your livestock more efficiently and effectively. All the feature updates are included in your subscription fee, so you can enjoy them as soon as they are released. You don’t need to worry about any hidden costs or charges.

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Grant scheme bundles

We have bundles to get you started with animal recording using iLivestock management software. With every bundle you get a tablet, iLivestock software and - depending on your needs - a weigh head, EID reader and/or load bars. The bundles are fully compliant with various grants and funds.