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Livetrack SA

Livetrack SA supports and empowers farmers in their daily needs to improve productivity and management of their livestock.

Driven by a focused belief in animal identification, weighing systems and management data collection to ensure better performance enabled by sound animal handling. They specialise in quality equipment that will support and complement digital weighing systems through the use of electronic identification, app-based data collection and data driven selection.

Building D, Stellenbosch Agri-Park, R310, Baden Powell Dr, Lynedoch, Stellenbosch, 7602, South Africa

Our collaboration

The collaboration between Livetrack SA and iLivestock began in 2019.

As distributor for the best global brands available for livestock farmers, Livetrack SA’s customers use iLivestock’s products specifically for the purpose of livestock handling, weighing and management, and identification:

Livestock Handling

Livetrack SA takes a great deal of care in providing solutions to handle your livestock quickly, safely and efficiently building quality that stays reliable for years to come.

Weighing & Management

Our range of solutions for tracking, weighing and recording lets you make decisions based on facts.


Identification solutions that are supported by portable software options to help modern livestock farmers know what they’ve got.

If you can do internet banking on your smart device you can manage your farm with iLivestock. It is that simple. Not to mention, support is just a click away, with built-in access to the technical team.

Mia Mienie, Marketing Livetrack SA

I am not sure we would have a farm without iLivestock. A lot of people here in South Africa ask us whether iLivestock is affordable. Whether it is worth buying the system. The quick answer is: the return on investment makes it absolutely worthwhile. If I have to summarise the advantages of the iLivestock app:

  • It is paperless, simple and easy to use
  • It’s mobile, independent of power supply or cell phone reception
  • We’ve got all the data, all the information about our animals on the farm available in our pocket

Stefan and Yolandi Erasmus of Beskuitfontein, South Africa

Beskuitfontein Farm is a third generation family farm at the foot of Carlton Heights mountain on the border between the Northern- and Eastern Cape Provinces in South Africa. Beskuitfontein’s core business is rearing Merino sheep and Bonsmara cattle.

Support and empower farmers in their daily needs to improve productivity and management of their livestock.

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