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Capture the information of your livestock using our app

At home

Create comprehensive reports from home using our dashboard

  • Avoid worry about farm inspections
  • Be more productive and organised
  • No more late nights sorting paperwork
  • No need to remember movements
  • Make your money stretch further

On the farm

Livestock management in your pocket

iLivestock is the app for sheep and cattle farmers. It lets you record and access over 300 data points for every animal, using six easy sections. To track and organise your animal information, and become more productive, and increase your profits!

Available on Android & iOS

Individual records mobile page

Individual records

The animal card, one place that shows you everything
Store all the vital data about your animals
Track their weights and growth rates
Access their breeding history and performance
Monitor your medication usage and withdrawal dates
Flag any issues or concerns on a record
Add notes for extra information
Key details | Weight | Breeding | Medication | Flags | Notes
Groups mobile page


Pull specific livestock into one single place
Organise your livestock into categories
Add essential details to multiple records at once
Review statistics for a group
Apply medication to a group or individual records
Draft out your stock
Check for any missing records
Main actions | Stats | Medication | Draft | Inventory check
Filters mobile page


Quickly find livestock that meet your criteria
Easily find stock with over 25 filters
Show animals with a certain weight gain per day
Show animals that produced multiple offspring
Show animals that are in withdrawal from medication
Show animals that are missing a tag
Show animals with another compliance requirement
Main actions | Weight | Breeding | Medications | Compliance
Quick record mobile page

Quick record

Fast track your job
Speed up your tasks
Record weighing data
Record weaning weights
Record ultrasound results
Draft your stock (two-way)
Weighing | Recording | Scanning | Drafting
Equipment mobile page


Make data entry quicker and more efficient
Plug and play with iLivestock designed hardware
Integrate with approved third-party hardware
Click to pair
Fast and easy data entry
eWeigh | Weighing | Pairing
Admin mobile page


Quickly deal with your farm admin so you are up to date
Manage your farm holdings and locations
Keep track of your medication stock and scan new items
Sync your data across all your devices
Review your movements at a glance
Holdings | Medication cabinet | Sync centre | Movements

At home

The dashboard: compliance and performance reporting

Our dashboard lets you access the report’s you need for your farm. You can view these reports on any device with internet access through our website. Whether you want to use your laptop or office PC, we’ve got you covered. You can also export reports in excel or PDF format.

Flock book

On and off movements
Identification & births
Tag replacements
All sheep report

Herd book

On and off movements
Herd movements
Tag replacement
All cattle report

Medicine book

Administration of cattle and sheep
Disposal routes
Medicine acquired and in stock


Key metrics showing lifetime weight gain and daily weight gain
Group based
Timeline based
Outline top performing records

Breeding Performance

Tupping performance
Scanning results
Offspring statics
Overview of breeding performance

Sheep performance

Check out the video below that demonstrates one of our reports from the dashboard.

The Sheep breeding performance report has detailed information on tupping, scanning and lambing. We designed the performance reports in close collaboration with our farmers. With their help we have defined over 20 key performance indicators to better monitor animal performance, and analyse breeding records year-on-year in more detail

Sheep performance icon
iLivestock apps running on mobile phones

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