Join our mission to revolutionise how livestock farmers capture and manage their data

The iLivestock platform is a revolutionary product that helps farmers manage their livestock more efficiently and sustainably, reducing their carbon footprint and environmental impact.

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Why work for iLivestock?

What does it mean to work for us?

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Making a difference in the farming industry

We know that farming is not just a job, but a way of life. We understand how farmers work in the field, and we design our products to support them in their daily tasks. Whether it's recording animal movements, managing health treatments, or generating reports, our app and hardware integrations make it easy and convenient for farmers to keep track of their livestock.

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A team that works hard and plays hard

Working at iLivestock is not only rewarding and challenging, but also fun and enjoyable. We have a great team culture and a friendly atmosphere. We love to socialise and celebrate our achievements together. We organise regular team socials, from gaming and sports to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and festive nights out.

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Celebrating and embracing individuality

We are a team of people who share a common passion for changing the world of livestock farming, with different backgrounds, skills, personalities, and interests. We all work together to create the best solutions for farmers and their livestock. We have introverts and extroverts, social butterflies and tech geeks, passionate innovators and creative thinkers. We respect and appreciate our differences, and we learn from each other. There is a collaborative and supportive work environment, where everyone can contribute and grow.

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A team that values well-being and happiness

Working at iLivestock is not only exciting and rewarding, but also relaxing and comfortable. We have a casual and laid-back work culture, where people can wear flip flops, take off their shoes, or walk in shorts. We don’t have a strict dress code, but we know how to suit up when we need to for shows and events. We believe that a relaxing work environment helps us to be more productive and creative. We have a flexible and supportive work schedule, where we can balance our work and personal life.

Job openings

Head of Growth UK
Head of Customer Success
Customer Service Representative

We love our Nando's

The perfect place to go for a delicious meal or order in when we have something to celebrate in the office.

We love animals

We are keen to support the bond you have with your pet. Join our animal-friendly workplace, and bring your furry pals along.

We have a sweet tooth!

We have a passion for sweets. They are always within our reach: whether we are in the office, at a show, or on a road trip.

What we offer

Competitive salary
Company share scheme
Company wide bonus scheme
Health insurance
Flexible work policy
Hybrid working (role depending)
30 days annual leave (including bank holidays)
Company pension scheme

Not to mention

Opportunities to take responsibility and grow professionally
A positive and collaborative work culture
A dynamic work environment with quick decision making

Company culture

We know who we are and what we do. Our culture is what makes us successful. Our values reflect our identity and purpose. They connect us and guide us. Our values influence our everyday actions. From the products we build (ourselves!), the farmers we help with our technology, to the partners we work with.


We are proactive and responsible for our work and impact. We face challenges and problems with a positive and constructive attitude.


We are not afraid to challenge the status quo, think creatively and try new things. We are comfortable with being different and standing out.


We are always eager to learn new things and explore new possibilities. We don’t like to settle, but rather aim high to reach the impossible.


We are reliable in everything we do, from our product and service to our staff and customers. We deliver what we promise, and we do it with quality and efficiency.


We believe that simplicity is the key to creating value for our customers and ourselves. We design our products and services to be easy to use, understand, and access.

Meet the team

We are a small but mighty team at iLivestock. We are passionate, enthusiastic, and hard-working people. Get to know us better.

We like to hear from you

Are you passionate about farming and / or technology? Want to work on a unique product that will make a difference? Do you have skills in sales, software development, web development, or software testing? Join our team of diverse, enthusiastic people who are developing the best technology for sheep and cattle farmers. Email us your CV and cover letter, and let’s take it from there!

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