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Stay compliant, limit paperwork

Avoid fines, secure subsidies, and simplify your record-keeping

Accurate weights, better profits

No more slaughterhouse penalties with accurate livestock weights

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Monitor and compare your livestock's performance year over year

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Our platform
  • Works online and offline, wherever you are
  • Produces compliance reports with a touch of a button
  • Keeps everyone on the farm informed with real-time updates
  • World leading breeding and weight performance recording
  • Takes away headaches with built-in support from our team

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Our award-winning software that grows with your farm
Cattle and sheep management within one app
Our own cost-effective weighing indicator eWeigh
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Do you dread the upcoming farm inspection or struggle to keep your records up to date? No need to panic or to try and remember to find all the notebooks that have been used before an inspection. Within our reporting feature we provide industry approved compliance reports - completely stress free!


Better decisions today mean greater profits for tomorrow, our software allows you to capture this information and store it against animal records. This allows you to see daily live weight gains at a glance. Connect to a digital weigh indicator like eWeigh or just type the weight in.


Record breeding data efficiently. If you are a commercial farmer, pedigree farmer or both, our app will allow you to capture everything you need at the touch of a button.


Use your camera to scan medicine into our virtual cabinet, quickly see what is running low so you can stock up. Track medicine usage and withdrawal dates against your records, receive alerts when a dose is due or even when a record is out of the withdrawal period.


Access our online dashboard to run compliance or complex performance reports. The benefit is that you can access it from your smartphone or, if you prefer, access it on a PC in the farm office.


Weighing and EID readers built by iLivestock and third party products.

At iLivestock we understand that for some farmers software solves only part of the solution. Our iLivestock app connects to a range of hardware to make your life easier.

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Built by iLivestock

eWeigh - Low cost scalable weighing built by iLivestock in Scotland

Bluetooth enabling animal weighing device built by iLivestock

  • It’s our own dedicated weighing system, which fully integrates with our software
  • It has all the advanced features of other weigh indicators, at an entry level price
  • Grows with your farm business, no need to purchase a new device in future
Compatible with:
  • All cattle and sheep load bars


How eWeigh works

How eWeigh works

Approved partners

Fully integrates with third party indicators | Quickly pairs with EID readers

EID Readers

We integrate with more readers than anyone else!

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The Hub

A subscription to iLivestock gives you access to the iLivestock Hub. Not only is this a community of fellow-farmers, it also provides:

  • Direct support from our experienced staff who can help you in the field, online or via in-app chat
  • Online articles and tutorials to help you make the most of the app’s features
  • Access to bespoke training to get the most of our platform

The iLivestock hub is the ultimate information hub for sheep and cattle farmers who want to save time, make better decisions and join a community of like-minded people.

Our products are manufactured and tested in Scotland

We are proud to be a Scottish company, based just outside the historical city of Edinburgh. Our products are manufactured in Scotland. They have been tested during Scottish winters and can stand up to harsh weather conditions easily. We are passionate about supporting British farming and helping farmers across the world to improve their productivity and profitability.

Trusted by farmers

Farmers tell us how their business is thriving with iLivestock

Andrew Powers

Andrew Powers

Tyrrells Frith Farm, Ledbury

Hayden Woolley

Hayden Woolley

The Albynes, Bridgnorth

George Sturla

George Sturla

Beeches Farm, Gwespyr

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Get started with a bundle

We have bundles to get you started with animal recording using iLivestock management software.

With every bundle you get a tablet, iLivestock software, and - depending on your needs - a weigh head, EID reader and/or load bars. The bundles are fully compliant with various grants and funds

Start your weighing and/or EID reading journey with iLivestock today!

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