iLivestock - Livestock management in the palm of your hand

iLivestock uses the latest smartphone and tablet technology to make it easy to manage your flock/herd on the go.

iLivestock - One program & One simple price

Cattle and Sheep management software trusted by over 5000 farmers around the world.

EID - No problem

iLivestock has been designed to work with EID.

Farmer Friendly

The development team for iLivestock have worked closely with farmers to understand the unique challenges around on farm data capture.


We provide constant updates to our system to keep it fresh and up to date. On average we update our application at least once a month with lots of juicy new features and improved workflows.

Eliminate the Guesswork & Save Time

iLivestock’s main features have been designed to save you time and improve the accuracy of your farm record keeping..

  • Full UK Compliance (Full integration with BCMS)
  • Animal & Group Statistics
  • Breeding Information
  • Management of Medicines
  • Integration with EID Reader & Weigh Heads

How do we compare?

We think our iLivestock application represents great value for money, we’ve done a little comparison below.

Are you one of the software companies on here, have we got something wrong? Let us know and we will update it!

App Benefits

Unique 3 in 1 system

Cattle & Sheep Compliance. Cattle & Sheep Management. Integration with our eWeigh Device.

Farmer Defined Groups

Create custom groups to action multiple animals in a couple of taps on your device.

Quick Sorting & Search

The filters section allows you to quickly and easily sort your animals using defined characteristics.

Quick Record

Our quick record section allows you to rapidly enter data against your iLivestock records. It’s even quicker if you use an EID reader and our eWeigh device.

No Internet ? No Problem

The iLivestock Application is based locally on your mobile device meaning no internet connection is required to use it in part or fully. That means no "offline" mode like some other systems.

EID & eWeigh Integration

iLivestock has been designed to work effortlessly with an EID stick reader and integrates perfectly with our eWeigh device. It also works with third party Weight Indicators.

Backup & Restore

Our iLivestock app likes to work offline, however we all know it’s easy to drop and break the modern smartphone. With our Backup & Restore feature you can feel confident that all your data is backed up and ready to go.

Key Points:

  • You can Backup & Restore directly from the iLivestock application without the need to connect to your computer.
  • It's easy to make mistakes so we have created the ability for you to store up to 60 unique backups at any one time.
  • If you make a mistake you can always restore to an earlier backup.
  • WIFI or 3G/4G connection is required to use the service.

Data Sharing

Yes, we have you covered! We use a well known technique called Master & Slave which stops any duplicating of information across the shared devices.

Key Points:

  • You'll get the ability to share between two devices as standard. You can always purchase extra "share" slots. *Extra slots not yet available, coming soon*.
  • You can share data between your own devices or with anyone who’s device you have approved. It's your choice and you do it from "The Hub."
  • We use a Master/Slave approach which stops any duplicating of information across the linked devices. The “Master” device is your primary device with full data entry/editing rights. All other devices are known as “Slaves” and have read only access.
  • WIFI or 3G/4G is required to perform a "share".

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